About Us


Personal Oral Care ProductsUmendra Exports is a " Premier supplier of Personal Care Products, OTC Creams & Ointments and Medical Disposables Products ". Catering to a  diverse customer base across the globe, Umendra Exports offers a wide array of products under the “Smarth” & “Dr Smarth brand names, all at the lowest prices.


Our product offerings include:-


a) Personal Care Amenities such as Toothpaste, Baby Talc, After Shower Powder, Dusting Powder, Foot Powder, Medicated Powder, Petroleum Jelly, Bergamot, Pomade, Chest Rub, Inhaler, Balm, Ice Gel, Hair Relaxer Cream, Shampoos, Conditioners, Lotions, Baby Wash, Baby Oil, Hair Gel, Face Scrub, Skin Lightning Cream, Beauty Creams etc.


b) OTC Ointments & Creams  such  as  Vitamin  A&D Ointment,  White  petroleum Jelly, Bacitracin Zinc  Ointment,  Zinc  Oxide,  Skin Protection Cream, Diaper Rash Cream, Muscle Rubs etc.


c) Ayurvedics Products such as Prickly Heat Powder, Chest Rub, Balm, Neem Toothpaste, Herbal Toothpaste etc.


d) Medical Disposables such as Gloves, Isolation Gowns, Gauze Bandages, Face Masks, Bouffant Caps, Medicine Cups etc.


In  addition  to  our own  brands,  we offer  OEM  &  Private Label   services  to  our  customers. Equipped with sound technical expertise and strong manufacturing base, we have developed complete product & packaging solutions for our customers across different countries. Our factory is ISO 22716: 2007 CGMP certified by SGS. Additionally, our Company is also listed with USFDA. All our manufacturing systems and practices  are globally benchmarked. As a socially  responsible organization,  we  refrain from maintaining any links with businesses that exploit child labor and/or flout environmental norms. None of our products disregard social sensitivities. By selling exclusively in container load quantities, Umendra Exports is able to maintain the lowest prices in the industry while providing high quality and reliable products.