Instrument Care Products - Private Label, Contract Manufacturing & Wholesale

Instrument Care Products - Private Label, Contract Manufacturing & Wholesale

Every medical instrument should be inspected prior its packaging. Instrument packaging should be done in a clean and contaminated-free area using FDA approved product such as sterilization pouch.

Umendra Exports is an USFDA listed company. We provide high quality sterilization pouches of customized sizes to healthcare industry to cater their packaging requirements in the best possible way. We also provide services of contract manufacturing and private labeling to our customers.

Instrument Care Products Manufacturing for Private Label, OEM (Contract Manufacturer) & Wholesale Supplier

Sterilization pouches by Umendra Exports are used for packaging loose, small and light weight surgical instruments. Paper/plastic sterilization pouches allow us to observe the contents and it comes with a build in adhesive strip for its proper sealing. It ensures the protection of the medical device against contamination with bacteria and chemicals from the time of sterilization till its application. We undertake bulk manufacturing contracts (OEM) for instrument care products and wholesale buyers. We also help in your instruments care products brand building with our exclusive private label manufacturing service.

The entire production process is inspected by quality assurance team. We deliver the best sterilization pouches which can underpin and enhance your packaging process and even your business potential.