Liners & Pads - Private Label, Contract Manufacturing & Wholesale
Mothers require extra care and protection post delivery. To make their post delivery period a hassle-free period, at Umendra Exports we manufacture a soft and good absorbent maternity pads and underpads.

Liners & Pads Manufacturing for Private Label, OEM (Contract Manufacturer) & Wholesale Supplier

Maternity pads are soft, post-partum care products which provide secure protection to a woman who has just given birth.


 Underpads are sheets of absorbent fluff material and polymer which provide added absorbency and protection from incontinence related fluid leaks. These sheets are commonly used in hospital bed, wheelchair, operation bed, etc. If you are looking for superior quality liners and pads exclusively designed as per your custom requirements, you are at right place to have our contract manufacturing OEM service that facilitates all your product needs in the lowest wholesale price. Custom labelling of underpads and maternity pads (also recognized as private label service) is also available.


We have a collection of maternity pads and underpads which have good absorbent core to quickly wick the moisture away leaving the skin feeling dry. We use an innovative fluid dispersement technology that targets maximum absorbency and leaves no room for any discomfort or insecurity.