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Give superpowers to your publishing lifecycle with our expert services team

Editorial services

Achieve editorial excellence with our experts, who understand editorial nuances for the highest publishing quality and quick turnaround time. We deploy machine learning within our editorial processes, thus ensuring consistent quality.


Our experts provide copyediting services to retain the author’s voice and content through direct author interactions. Driven by machine learning, our text checks and examinations ensure consistent style, grammar, and captioning for figures, including scripts to ensure accurate mathematical equations for subscripts, superscripts, exponents, and symbols.


Our proofreading team ensures the most critical step of producing a publication ensures consistent output, complies with the publisher’s house style, and meets the highest standards. Besides checking for styling and symbols, we also ensure consistency in typefaces and hierarchies. 


Our professional indexing teams ensure your content is indexed comprehensively with related concepts cross-referenced throughout the publication. Get simple, keyword-based, flat (single-level) author and subject indexes to complex, topical, multi-level indexes for content-intensive publications.

We also partner with Technica Editorial Services to offer onshore editorial services.